We believe having a simple and value lifestyle is the way that requires a system and lots of time for us to learn and develop the way to make our lives better.

However, being minimal and simple doesn't mean boring and insipid. Everything in this philosophy and lifestyle can be infinitely creative because we create the environment and everything we choose to use in the environment. It's not about the number but value and philosophy behind everything we own.

There are two major brands that we have created for the aspects our philosophy:


A brand that represents a lifestyle of minimalism and simplicity in almost every dimension and way of our life.

The brand name 4°8'1" alsp as known as 4d8m1s, as fully called "four dimensions eight minutes and one second", is defined four dimensional infinite minimalism. It is focused on the following four aspects/dimensions:

The first dimension (1st°) is money or finance, which is just like line in the spatial dimension of physics, is an essential support to a minimalistic lifestyle.

The second dimension (2nd°) is planning, which is like plane or surface in the spatial dimension of physics. Being minimalist doesn't mean we own and live at least without any thoughtful planning in advance. Planning and review are actually one of the most important parts to make our daily life organized and controlled.

The third dimension (3rd°) is actions.

The fourth dimension (4th°) is mindset and thoughts.